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Salute balloon - best NiXingZhe jinsu instructions

Date of issue:2021-03-02

       New Coronavirus mainly involves human lung tissue. Severe patients can suffer from dyspnea, acute respiratory distress syndrome and multiple organ failure. Maintaining lung function and blood oxygen saturation is a basic treatment. How to give novel coronavirus pneumonia effective oxygen therapy? In many oxygen therapy methods, endotracheal intubation and ventilator support treatment is the most effective method, and it is the most important "lifeline" for critically ill patients. Suspected or mild patients may also need endotracheal intubation due to ventilation and surgery.


       The medical staff fighting in the front line of the epidemic set up a special team for endotracheal intubation. Recently, they were called "intubation dare to die team" because they were away from the new coronavirus. They had to face the virus, race with life and death, and complete intubation within 2 minutes to provide patients with smooth breathing and oxygen.


       The balloon endotracheal intubation tube is equipped with an indicator balloon to indicate the inflation condition of the balloon. Before intubation, the test should be carried out first, and the syringe should be used to inflate the balloon. After the completion of deflation, the internal pressure of the indicator balloon should be detected during intubation, and the change should be corrected in time. Before the intubation is removed, the air in the balloon should be evacuated. The requirements for the air tightness and pressure resistance of the indicator balloon are very high, so it is very important to select the indicator balloon.

       Fangpu technology has been deeply engaged in the field of plastic impregnation for 27 years. It provides endotracheal intubation plastic impregnation indicator balloon, adopts plastic impregnation technology, and forms in one body to eliminate the hidden danger of burst. It has 100% air tightness and strong air pressure resistance. It has no clamping line and will not be damaged. The small bubble filling indicates that the life indicator light is always on, and the dipping process continues to glow and heat for the field of human life and health science and technology.


       When the country is in trouble, the most beautiful is retrograde, and salutes the heroes of the era who are retrograde!

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