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The application of instruction balloon in endotracheal intubation

Date of issue:2021-03-02

      Novel coronavirus pneumonia has swept the world, and demand for detection reagents, respirators and respirators has risen sharply worldwide, which has greatly promoted the global development of China's medical device enterprises. As one of the most important segments in the whole medical and health field, the scale of China's medical device market has been more than one trillion of terminal procurement scale, showing a steady growth trend.

      Endotracheal intubation (also known as endotracheal tube) is a kind of medical device that is inserted into the trachea and / or bronchus of patients to create a temporary artificial respiration channel for patients, especially those who cannot breathe autonomously. The common intubation head has one or two cuff. After inflation, the cuff can fix the intubation and seal the airway. The intubation tube body is usually made of high molecular material, and the steel wire coil is embedded in the tube body to improve the radial strength and axial flexibility. Part of the intubation tube is made of anti laser material or lamination to resist laser irradiation. Intubation for nasal / oral or percutaneous insertion of the patient's trachea. One end is connected with the anesthesia ventilator through the breathing pipeline to maintain the patient's breathing. Sterile, disposable. Indications: general anesthesia, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, mechanical ventilation, neonatal asphyxia, tracheal collapse, etc.

The distal end of the catheter opened obliquely.

The distal end is attached with a sleeve shaped inflatable cuff.。

There is a connecting pipe connected with the respirator at the proximal end.

The cuff is connected with a small test balloon by a small catheter, so as to understand the inflation pressure of the cuff.

Murphy side hole is located on the side wall far away from the cuff of the distal end of the endotracheal tube. Its purpose is that when the inclined opening of the endotracheal tube is adhered to the tracheal wall, the breathing gas can enter and exit through this side hole.


      If the cuff inflates too much and oppresses the tracheal mucosa for a long time, it will affect the blood circulation, lead to ischemic injury or even necrosis of the tracheal mucosa, and then scar formation will lead to tracheal stenosis. In serious cases, perforation may occur; in case of insufficient inflation, it will lead to airway leakage, resulting in complications such as loss of tidal volume and aspiration. Therefore, it is very important to indicate the airbag here. The indication balloon will be filled together with the cuff, and the filling state will be clearly indicated, so as to avoid the situation of over inflation and under inflation.

      The indicator balloon is also suitable for double lumen bronchial intubation, tracheotomy intubation, PVC laryngeal mask, tourniquet, catheter and other medical devices that need to indicate the gas filling state. The indicator air bag produced by Fangpu adopts dip molding process and integrated molding, with simple structure, safe material, good air tightness and high pressure resistance.

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